Korea today stands on the foundation of the

sacrifice of the youth.

In 1950, there were soldiers who sacrificed themselves for the Republic of Korea, whose name was not even known at that time. There were also young people who were in their most prime time of youth with the time to create a happy future. They shed blood on the front line and sacrificed their lives in order to protect freedom. They also had dreams and precious, beloved families. Nevertheless, even though it was not their own country, they sacrificed their lives to protect freedom and the Republic of Korea. We must never forget that they shed their blood, sweat, and tears on this land.


One-Dollar Medal

Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935. Ethiopia asked the world for help, but it was ignored.
Knowing the pain, Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, decided to send imperial troops on the UN’s request when the Korean War broke out in 1950 to protect freedom and human rights on the Korean Peninsula.
They were called "ascending units" and received more than 750 medals.
However, in 1974, the Communist coup d'etat took away their houses, properties, and names, and were charged with crimes. The Medal of Glory, which saved the Republic of Korea, was reduced to a “one-dollar medal” that had to be sold for a meal or a set of clothes for a dollar.

In such a situation so desperate to the point where it is difficult to make ends meet, the Ethiopian veterans say this

“...Even though I lost my arms and legs with bullets all over my body, I have lived my entire life with pride in fighting for freedom on the Korean Peninsula. Poverty has been passed down and we are not able to educate our children, but we are very pleased to see Korea develop.”

“...I can't believe Korea is doing well. I am more grateful. We call Korea our second home.”

“...Due to the toxic gas during the Korean War, my lungs were damaged and I still have a difficult time. But if there is war in Korea again I still want to go and help. ”

They did not hate Korea, but rather were happy about Korea developing and enjoying prosperity. We must never forget this grace we received.

Family of the Deceased

There is a bereaved family member on Korean soil who is looking for his father who has not returned home.

“My father went to war two weeks after I was born.
It was when I saw a picture of my father hugging me as a young child that I learned of him.
I've been waiting for him with my mother, but he hasn't come home yet.
My father was sacrificed for Korea and is still eternally resting somewhere in Korea.”